Part 1: Starting the Conversation

Often discussions related to the subject of original art and photography come up, either as gallery owners or people who visit our gallery. And because we have a wide range of followers we thought we would start a conversation about just that - original art and photography. For the next few weeks, we will post about what to look for, the value of original art, and why you should consider it for your home or workspace.

There's an old myth out there that people who are not artists or art critics, don't understand the particular meaning of a work or the deeper concept behind it. First of all, you don't have to. If you like it, it's something that will fit your space and will be something you enjoy for years, by all means, consider purchasing the artwork! That being said, if you do know something about the work, whether it's the process of how it was made, the deeper meaning of it or better yet, a conversation with the artist, it only enhances the personal value you will attach to it.

No one has a better opinion than you about what you're attracted to. Yes, there are art critics, art historians, curators, etc. all out there to tell you all about the work they are familiar with and trust us, they have some valuable contributions to the work, but let's be frank...most of us just don't have access to that world on a regular or any kind of basis. So what are we left with? Quite a bit it turns out and in the coming weeks, we will share our thoughts and findings on this subject.

So with that, we will leave you with can have and afford original art in your home. Even if it's only one work, odds are in your favor that you will enjoy it for years and years.

Article by Dawn Rossbach, artist and co-owner of Studio 176